• Malls

    Our Mall format is one of our fastest growing businesses.

    Picture of the entrance of a Tesco Lotus extra store
  • Malls

    It’s all about knowing your customer and partnering with the right people.

    A busy shopping centre with customers wandering about
  • Malls

    Be a leader, not a follower; bring our customers the latest trends.

    A busy shopping centre with customers wandering about

Key information

Leadership skills required

  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Resilience
  • Responsiveness

Teams you could work with

Our Mall business is all about collaborating with other sellers to give our customers what they want.

By becoming a Mall Manager you’ll join an innovative and growing business, working with senior managers to deliver new retail concepts and product trends.

You’ll take charge of managing the leasing area, which includes the sale front, food court and restaurants. The role covers both development and operation of the mall, including permanent leases, temporary kiosks and booths and the food court.

You’ll build relationships with investors and international anchor tenants and offer the potential to expand their businesses in Tesco Malaysia and Homeplus in Korea.

It’s an exciting challenge and we promise you a rewarding journey ahead.

Site research teams

Store operations

Construction and finance teams

Retail partners

This is a fast-moving, hands-on role in which you’ll be working face-to-face with a whole range of people. Day-to-day your role breaks down into four areas:

  • Recruiting potential customers, using market research to analyse and select suitable shops for our malls
  • Retaining the right partners by helping to make them successful. This includes creating a marketing plan and building the reputation of the shop to help it grow
  • Building new business by developing partnerships with vendors that are popular with our customers in growing segments of the retail sector
  • Developing the relationship with our vendors as a lasting business partnership

As a successful Mall Manager you’ll have a good understanding of customer needs and emerging retail trends in Thailand.

You’ll have excellent communication skills and be able to build great relationships with a wide range of people and partners.

You’ll also know how to negotiate and bring out the best in everyone you work with.

You’ll find it helpful if you have a background in property and real estate management.

We want you to always feel at ease in your new working environment. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help you enjoy the work you do.

  • You’ll join a welcoming team that works on building strong, friendly relationships with customers and local communities.
  • All year round, you’ll receive benefits and rewards, including additional special offers on our products.
  • You’ll also get plenty of training and development opportunities, so you get as much support, feedback and chances to further your career as you need.

Welcome to Tesco Lotus!